Our Roof Cleaning System

Our innovative roof cleaning system hovers on any roof using low water pressure through an articulated cleaning head. It’s safe, quick and produces great results every time.

The articulated cleaning head ensures that the water flow is always heading down the pitch of the roof and not up between the roof tiles.

The Hoverwash roof cleaning system is environmentally friendly and can be used in all types of weather. The system meets all health and safety legislation. [patent pending]

The Hoverwash roof cleaning method does not require the use of :

  • Caustic high strength bleach
  • High pressure water 
  • Standing on a customers roof 
  • Working from any form of height
  • Roof scraping and waiting a long time (weeks/months) for visual results
  • Scaffold towers or cherry pickers

We provide a professional no drama cost effective roof cleaning service that is second to none.

Why get rid of moss?

A build up of moss on your roof can result in causing problems including blocked gutters, blocked drains, interior leaks and mould.

Moss absorbs water then in cold winter months can freeze and thaw resulting in potential roof tile damage. Additionally moss is slightly acidic (ph value of 5) and if not treated can also weaken the makeup of the roof tile (mainly the edges).

Here at Hoverwash we use the most effective environmentally friendly medium there is to clean your roof which is just water. Prior to using the system on roofs we tested the system on all types of reclaimed roof tiles causing zero damage.

Roof Maintenance 

Maintaining a clean moss and algae / lichen free roof will require a moss prevention treatment every 2 years. Moss and algae re growth times will vary depending on the following factors :

•House orientation
•How shaded your roof is
•The ambient climate

Our roof cleaning process

  • Asses area for trip hazards
  • Cover ground with sheets
  • Disconnect gutter down spouts
  • Set up equipment
  • Clean roof from the ground
  • Re-connect gutter down spouts
  • Vacuum clean all gutters
  • Clean facias and house exterior 
  • Gather and bag all moss
  • Pressure wash drive and patio
  • Option to treat roof tiles

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